Caregiver Notes reconnects me with a family member

As I was looking through the Caregiver Notes remarks a week ago, I was staggered to see a passage from one of my own one of a kind relatives, but one I had not met. It was a post from Ian Muise, my cousin Kenny’s child, who announced he has put in the previous couple of years dealing with my Uncle Bill, my dad’s more established sibling (going on 93, Ian said).

I had not seen Uncle Bill since around 1984-85 when my own dad and mom lived close him and his significant other Betty in Florida. At the point when my folks moved back north, correspondence with Uncle Bill trailed off. Furthermore, a couple of years back, my dad announced that the phone number he had for Uncle Bill was never again in benefit. None of the other relatives I am in contact with knew where Uncle Bill was either, and we started to fear the most exceedingly terrible.

The riddle was fathomed in streak when I recognized Ian’s remark on one of my web journals. It started:


I have delighted in perusing your blog, and discovered it especially strong for a few reasons. To begin with, in light of the fact that my granddad is William (Bill) Muise, who happens to be your father’s sibling (around here we know “Flies” as “Sibling Bob”), and second, since I have been in a comparative circumstance watching over Bill.

You can read Ian’s entire post affixed to my first blog “Providing care for Pops”.

Obviously I was amazed by this news. Ian and I have traded a couple of more messages since that post, and I have gotten notification from my cousin Kenny, Bill’s child. Ideally, my dad and Uncle Bill can associate on the telephone soon. Whatever assistance Caregiver Notes might be for others, I need to state it has unquestionably had an emotional and sudden effect for my family.

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